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Sound this out!

Of course they all work but did you know that:

Rocco Fulchini has traced our family history into the early 1400's.
He has noted that our family name as spelled in Gesualdo,
Fulchini and sounded out as Full-key-knee
actually used to be spelled Fulcini ( note that there is no 'H')
many years before.

According to his research a progenitor of ours was Lazaro Fulchini
pronounced as Full-chee-knee.
Apparently he was a mayor or some type of official
where the family lived in the early 1400's in Parma...
Yes, Parma and not Gesualdo.
After some type of political dispute he left the Parma area
in the 1400's and moved south to Gesualdo,
he changed his last name from
Fulcini (say Full-Chee-nee) to Fulchini ( say Full-key-nee)

So we all started out at least to this point in history as Fulcini's (Full-chee-nee's)

Thank you Rocco!

50th Wedding Anniversary Uncle Ralph and Aunt Lena
(both center seated)
Ralph is Salvatore Fulchini's brother...both sons of Angelo who was born in 1837
Uncle Ralph being cousin of Andrew....and the person who sponsored Pop to America.

Front sitting on floor left to right: Raphaella 'Fannie' Fulchino, Maria Fulchino, RCA publicity director Anne Fulchino daughter of Ralph and Lena, Margie Fulchino, and Mary Fulchino
Seated left to right: Peter Coggiano, 'Philly' Coggiano cousins of Lena, Lena Fulchino and Ralph Fulchino, Atamia Fulchino, Immacolata Fulchini, Aunt Mary (Fulchino, Andrew's sister) Carrabis.
Standing left to right: "Uncle Sal" Salvatore Fulchino, Wilma Fulchino, Albert Fulchino, Anna Fulchini, Attillio Fulchini, Harry Fulchino, Al Fulchino, Teresa Fulchino(Harry's wife), Andrew Fulchino, "Ida Fulchini", Sal Fulchini", "Victor Fulchino", Eva Fulchino, Bill Fulchino, Ralph Carrabis, Vincenzo Fulchini, Carmine Fulchino


Cousins Jerry and Rocco Fulchini
Reunite in Great Britain
after being boyhood cousins and friends in Italy
May 2011

“I had a wonderful time seeing Rocco again in England.
And also I got to meet his wife Anna and daughters Nerina, Claudia and Sofia
as well as his extended family, who were all great to me.
This meeting with Rocco for me was after over 50 years!!!