2006 Reunion

Massachusetts and New Hampshire
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A very brief clip from the 'somewhat rainy'
2007 Reunion

spent half inside and half outside





Various Family Members
Speak on the Subjects of Family, Humor and History.

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Carmen Fulchini - Sept 9, 2007

Christine Fulchino
Sept 2007

Jeff Fulchino catch vs Ramon Hernandez

Ramon Hernandez lines out sharply to pitcher Jeff Fulchino.

June 20, 2006

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All The Year Round by Charles Dickens 1894

1179 AD "Trade and Traders in Muslim Spain" (mentions a Fulchino traveling to Italy for trade)

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My Brother Tom

by Paul Fulchino
(Delivered at Tom's Surprise 60th Birthday Celebration, September 20, 2008)

One day I opened my eyes
It took a while for me to see
These were actually creatures on this earth
There was not just me

I looked around
The dark was gone
On the floor brother Ralph, Annie Sis
Crying Baby Chris and Brother Tom

Fulchinos for sure
You could surely tell
Logo noses on display
Tom’s looked like hell

He grew up in tough ‘ole Revere
Many a day defended his name
Baseball Tom rocked
They feared his game

A great ballplayer he was
Good heater and hook he threw
You saw his best
When he beaned his Cousin Lou

He had many childhood friends
At best you’d call them slugs
Losers of the first degree
No kidding – truly thugs

Off to BC High he went
A cool experience for sure
Three hours of homework at night
It was all one could endure

Boston College was more of same
Study, drink and play
12,000 on Campus cheered him big
He finished #1 on draft lottery day

To the Accounting industry he went
It’s the profession he chose
Revere guys called him a wuss
They forgot about his nose

He equaled Dad & Mom
Another kiddie army of five
Wish I could see them more
Like Dad – great kids – truly alive

We admire you Tom
For the way you really try
All who know you
Hold you to the highest high

For you really care
A quality you cannot buy
We’ve seen your love
We would depend on no other guy

You put yourself out
Through your thick and thin
When we ring the bell
We can always count you in

Honest, unselfish and true
A finer Brother there is not
A man of high character
We are blessed with what we got

Enjoy this special day
Why all the fuss
We have always known
You mean the world to us

For you are bigger than today
We all can say
You are Tom Fulchino
Who we admire each and every day

Happy 60th Birthday
We Love You

Brothers Ralph and Paul
Sisters Annie and Chris

Connie Corleone (The Godfather 3)
Chrissy Fulchino